Seattle Dwelling Psychiatrist
Greetings and Salutations! My name is Dr. Niles Crane. I live in Seattle, Washington, where I conduct private practice. If you need me, I am available for help! Remember I am Jungian, not a Freudian like my brother. There'll be no blaming mother today.
((Independent Niles Crane rp from the sitcom Frasier. Please, read the rules.))
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College AU


"…. And they fucked up my dorm again…."


"They must assume we’re related. Your last name is Crane, yes?" 

Artist: Elvis Costello
Album: Elvis Costello
Song: I'll Never Fall In Love Again
Plays: 269


Elvis Costello - “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again”

What do you get when you fall in love? A guy with a pin to burst your bubble, that’s what you get for all your trouble. I’ll never fall in love with again. 

What is this?” Niles asked the barista at Cafe Nervosa. 

"Something wrong with your coffee, Dr. Crane?" she asked with a sigh; she was used to him sending things back. 

"No, it’s fine. The music! What is this music?"

"Just whatever’s on the radio." 

"Can you change it?" 

"It’s stuck on one station. And no, it’s not KACL." 

Thank god for that, but still… Niles slumped, realizing he had no choice. He merely nodded and went back to sit down. He had nothing against the song. It just painfully reminded him of Daphne and Donny. They had just started dating, and he feared it would get serious. She was always gushing about him. “Donny this, Donny that” as if Niles never even existed. 

Well, he supposed he shouldn’t think that way. He never made his feelings known, so it wasn’t as if she knew his heart was crumbling. 

I’ll never fall in love again. 

Preach it, Niles thought. 


moment of silence for this episode/look, please

What if Jonathan Crane and Niles started doing therapy sessions together? 

tell me about your crush on anon

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Just wanted to thank you for your blog. I've been a Frasier fan for a long time, and there isn't enough Frasier love on Tumblr.

[Really, I think I must thank you for being a fan. :) But, really, you’re very welcome. It’s a fantastic show, and I’m glad to bring one of my favorite characters to tumblr. I hope more people decide to watch it. Cheers, as well.] 

Frasier: It's the only time I seriously considered giving up psychology for... for the arts. But I couldn't disappoint my father. No, sir, not him. I remember opening night. I stared breathlessly out from behind the curtain to see... to see if he'd taken the seat I'd left for him. But he was too busy with his experiments to show up. Always involved with those damned experiments. You see, my father wanted me to go into psychology. He insisted on it. At the time, I hated him for it. And he died before I had a chance to realize that he was right, and I never got to tell him.

Look at this man in his cranberry cardigan.  How could you leave this dapper fellow?


Look at this man in his cranberry cardigan.  How could you leave this dapper fellow?